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Driving under the influence and driving while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs serious offenses that can have a long lasting effect on your criminal record, as well as your ability to maintain a driver’s license.
Maryland Transportation Code §21-902 requires that the State must prove the following in order to convict a person charged with a DUI or DWI:
  1. That the defendant drove, operated, or moved a vehicle [or was in actual physical control of a vehicle]; and
  2. that, at the time, the defendant was either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or impaired by alcohol or drugs.
The distinction between driving under the influence and driving while impaired is one of degree. Both crimes require that normal coordination be reduced as a result of the consumption of alcohol. Driving under the influence is the more serious crime, requiring that alcohol or drugs have substantially impaired the driver’s normal coordination. Driving while impaired is a lesser offense, requiring that alcohol or drugs have impaired the driver’s normal coordination to some extent.

Everyone makes mistakes. Mr. Kafka has represented hundreds of individuals who have found themselves in this unfortunate situation. Being charged with a DUI and/or DWI is not uncommon; but you should always retain legal representation to ensure the best possible outcome. . You will need representation both in court and at your MVA hearing.

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